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Finger Stinger

Posted by taizou at 2019-01-22 20:49:53 Misc handhelds

If you've heard of Gamze, it may be through Ashens' video on one of their consoles, featuring three of the common Pop Station-type LCD games in an inventive rotating design. But a whole host more consoles were released under the Gamze brand, including multi- and single- game handhelds and virtual pets, sold chiefly in the UK but also in other parts of Europe and occasionally worldwide. Some Gamze products were essentially re-shelled generic LCD consoles like the one Ashens reviewed, but others offered more original concepts like "Digit Dancerz", "Fitboyz" and "Manga All Stars" - a football-training game offering the opportunity to star in your own manga soccer comic live on the internet(!!??!) (its website is sadly long-gone and doesn't seem to be archived). And there are also some with the Annoying Thing (aka Crazy Frog) license, because it was the mid-2000s and of COURSE there are.



12 in 1 Colour Games Console

Posted by taizou at 2014-02-11 02:40:23 Misc handhelds, Jungletac

So I've covered the Game King previously as an example of a Chinese handheld with its own proprietary cartridge format - a bona fide almost-Gameboy in the tradition of the mighty Gamate and various others littering the pages of gaming history - but much (much) more common these days are the all-in-one type affairs, those which usually take the sort of hardware previously found in plug and play TV systems and forgo any kind of cartridge slot in favour of bundling a selection of pre-loaded games. One of the more successful in this field has been Jungletac, the company behind: